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You win the gold medal. You lift the cup. You get the crown. You win…but have you really? The Triumph Issue’s cover story attempts to strike for gold in investigating what victory truly is. In celebration of this one-year anniversary limited edition release LOAD’s founders and fashion models Konstantinos Tsagkaris and Filippos Vogdanis, grace the cover of the Triumph Issue lensed by Costas Simos and styled by Panos Yerolemides. This theme pays homage to the success of LOAD as an independent creative project reaching its one-year milestone. Shot in a scenario-style format, this story encapsulates different scenes perceived as winning moments in history. From sports to ruling an empire and the use of gold as the signaling colour of first place, we ponder if these are the tokens or true indicators of victory. Could there be anything more fulfilling?

Where Style, LOAD and Glory Meet


In this vastly ranged fashion story a plethora of aesthetics claim the crown. In a parallel to the medals podium, streetwear takes centre stage. A blend of textures and materials fill the look with a contemporary yet exciting take on ready-to-wear. Filippos wears a fresh take on the all-time classic denim on denim look, with a unique crystalised design by Milkwhite, whereas the voluminous puffer jacket by El.livaniou accentuates the deep blue and shiny elements of the outfit. Green and yellow tones, top and trousers by Milkwhite and bag by Diesel, are the protagonists in Konstantinos’ look, embraced by a black and purple trench by Specs of bright colours like pink and the vibrant blue gloves by nika complete the image. In many ways streetwear has gained momentum in the fashion race, becoming one of the biggest trends and markets in the industry. In the race for victory it has landed itself atop the LOAD podium.

Konstantinos Tsagkaris and Filippos Vogdanis for LOAD Magazine Triumph Issue Cover Story - Podium Sporty Look

Perfected Form

The journey to the top often sees us trying to assume our most ‘perfect’ or valuable form. The shiny portraits embrace the achievement of the most desired self. Often shiny items are perceived to be of higher rarity, significance or wealth. Following this narrative, in which we have been socialised to value such objects more highly, this editorial portrays the assumed ‘perfect’ form, the ability to be  unique, rare and successful. However, do we equate shine with value in our deep dive into the topic of glory or could shine take different forms rather than a perfected idea society has cultivated?

The Crowning

Konstantinos Tsagkaris a for LOAD Magazien Triumph Issue Cover Story - Pageant Tiara Look

For centuries tiaras and cups have signaled the reward of a worthy winner. Pageants, a now classic competition, strive to award the most beautiful, inspiring and proper individuals with their royal crowning moment. What happens though when the fake rhinestones collect dust on a winner’s shelf? The Triumph cover story juxtaposes the superficial and ungratifying nature of such small victories with the hopes and dreams of a true win. In an artistic fairytale environment the ‘victors’ are seen in a pop aesthetic with intense pinks and blues by, while the unzipped sleeve puffer coat by El.livaniou showcases the deconstruction of their ego. It might sometimes be easy to reach the top but even easier to drop from it.

Emperor’s Touch

Konstantinos Tsagkaris a for LOAD Magazine Triumph Issue Cover Story - Gold Look

The main event of the Triumph Issue is our final cover story look. The epitome of victory and glory was inspired by emperors. In caesarean fashion we climax LOAD’s conquest with a powerful homage to natural tones with gold jewellery accents. The grand picture of a modernised take on classic emperors and royals, for emperors need extreme personal strength , wit and strategy the natural tones of skin and neutral trousers to lead, El.livaniou, to match the natural power stemming from within. The gold jewellery, by Sankotoleono and Milkwhite, encapsulates the feeling of classic royalty while giving a current form. This impactful yet simplified edit champions the timelessness and impact several dynasties have had on our society and aesthetics. 

Konstantinos Tsagkaris and Filippos Vogdanis for LOAD Magazine Triumph Issue Cover Story - Gold Look


This is where our story comes to a close. Stripped back. Simple. Naked. All the gold, jewels, medals, cups, tiaras and crowns are wins yes, but for whom? We have let people persuade us that this is what we need to aim for to be successful, but what’s left? In reality these are just objects with no value apart from the one we attribute to them, for all we know money is literally just paper with a number on it which we’ve decided to value. Similarly all the success in the world might be attributed to a gold medal, but is this what makes one truly a winner? The true triumph we see is in us all, how far we come and develop. True glory is to be happy and confident in your skin, your journey, your progress. In the end gold isn’t what matters. The race and what you gain from it is more important than the photo finish. You should define your own victory, it doesn’t have to be gold.

Konstantinos Personal Message

Konstantinos Tsagkaris a for LOAD Magazine Triumph Issue Cover Story - Gold Solo Cover Look

It’s incredible to think that LOAD’s turning one today. A year on and the project has grown, evolved and flourished in more ways than one. Myself and Filippos are more than proud to be where we are today with this edition, as an independent project. LOAD started out of our desire to create and has allowed us to do so more than anything before. Creation is a process and this hasn’t always been the easiest, as many creatives know, but it  has surely been worth it. We’ve kept pushing ourselves to produce high quality fashion and beauty editorials and content, learning new things every step of the way and from all the incredible people we’ve gotten to work with.

This editorial has been a special one for us. We see this one year anniversary as a victory. Wanting to depict the essence of triumph throughout this issue but not without, as always, a twist, we;ve created a multifaceted spread. The diverse and royal styling and concepts pay homage to familiar winning scenes and references, crossing fields of sport, pageants, history and more. We wanted to draw this juxtaposition of the beauty of the conventional win and the potential superficiality of it. Ultimately it’s up to the reader to decide. However, in my opinion, no matter the end goal or achievement, the significance is on the effort you put in, not wearing the crown. Anyone can reign triumphant, all you gotta do is start. 

Filippos Personal Message

It’s already been a year since this project started. One year full of creativity, acquaintances, fashion and thoughts that have come to life. LOAD for us is a way of expressing ourselves, our identities and our thoughts through fashion in a very artistic way. We can’t show and become who we want to be by forcing it, the process needs to happen organically. Our magazine has been built on the building blocks of creative thinking and hard work which are achieved not by strength, but by perseverance.

Specifically in this editorial me and Konstantinos show different possible stages and phases of conquering something – in this case our magazine having an upward turn – except one! In life winning and losing both happen, but what is never acceptable is quitting. We want to show through this photo story that victory isn’t the only thing that matters. A little progress each day can add up to big results. The feeling of accomplishing something with hard work, unity and collaboration doesn’t compare to anything else in the world. At the end of the day the true victory is bold, naked and liberating.

Written by Konstantinos Tsagkaris & Filippos Vogdanis

LOAD Magazine Triumph Issue Cover - Konstantinos Tsagkaris & Filippos Vogdanis


Art Direction Filippos Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis,
Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris,
Assistant Creative Director Elektra Avgouli @godblessdrama
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