#03 AUTUMN 2022



The Autumn 2022 LOAD Issue, THE ETERNAL Issue, is here! Our third issue release is officially out. You can access the full issue and flip through the pages online below (scroll down).

Putting our alarms, setting deadlines or counting the days our lives are conquered by the need to understand and adapt our lives to time. The ETERNAL ISSUE is here to ask what is truly timeless? We surf on the tides of the chorochronos to find what has truly stood the test of time. The Autumn 2022 LOAD Issue unleashes the beauty of things, people and trends that have stayed relevant or evolved throughout the years. This Autumn pick up your LOAD compass to be guided through the years of fashion, beauty and culture in our most extravagant release to date. Let the time travel begin!

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Flip through the pages of THE ETERNAL ISSUE below. (We suggest you read in full-screen mode for the full experience)

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