THE TRIUMPH ISSUE - Anniversary Limited Edition Print Cover - #05 SPRING 2023



The Spring 2023 LOAD Issue, THE TRIUMPH ISSUE, is here! Our fifth seasonal issue release is celebrating our one year anniversary. This is our first ever printed issue! To get your hands on this limited edition print release contact us through email or instagram.

In celebration of this one-year anniversary limited edition release LOAD’s founders and fashion models Konstantinos Tsagkaris and Filippos Vogdanis, grace the cover of the Triumph Issue lensed by Costas Simos and styled by Panos Yerolemides. This theme pays homage to the success of LOAD as an independent creative project reaching its one-year milestone.

The TRIUMPH Theme Overview

365 days of LOAD. We celebrate our triumphant one-year anniversary from our first ever issue release. The Triumph Issue is a tribute to the victory and consistent hard work of our independent project. We explore the mindset and notion of how you achieve, sustain and fall from the gracious arms of what makes one triumphant. Veni, vidi, vici, for what one can conquer might perish in a matter of seconds. This release ponders ‘who are the true winners?’ Our Spring 2023 campaign in pursuit of seizing glory will make you succumb to the astonishing LOAD realm. Our creative brush strokes form a vibrant canvas of ideas through our now fifth issue run. Championing old and new alike, prepare to be reminded of favourited stories from previous issues while witnessing LOAD’s golden age and our fresh editorial segments in this limited edition print. Wear your crown, it’s time for conquest!


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