#04 WINTER 2022


The Winter 2022 LOAD Issue, THE GLACIAL ISSUE, is here! Our fourth seasonal issue release is officially out. You can access the full issue and flip through the pages online below (scroll down).

The fashion powerhouse Elix Toci covers LOAD’s fourth issue, lensed by Magnus Swärd, serenading us in their snowy urban, fantastical fusion palace and conquering the ice fortress.

LOAD has entered the ice age. The Glacial issue is kicking up a blizzard of revelation. Every iceberg stores more than meets the eye. We dive into the freezing waters of the glacial giants to explore the bummock of our personal icebergs.

We ask the question of what lies inside, for all we see in ourselves, and others might just be the tip. Let’s melt the ice and uncover our truths. A Winter LOAD cruise begins, and this cruise ship is looking for an iceberg to crash. Get ready to unleash your inner thoughts like Jack did Rose on the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Grab a coat and let’s explore.

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Flip through the pages of THE GLACIAL ISSUE below. (We suggest you read in full-screen mode for the full experience)

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