LOAD THE STANDARD has arrived! The Spring 2024 ISSUE marks the project’s second annual anniversary! To celebrate this issue id available in print!

The new ISSUE is called ‘THE STANDARD’. We are championing the standard we aim to achieve, the ones we have already upheld and the ones we encourage everyone to break! This ISSUE is blessed to have Chraja, one of the most influential queer Greek personas and drag artists, on the cover, lensed by the one and only Maria Koutroumpi.

Chraja’s mannerisms and style shine and contrast the Balkan surroundings. Creatively directed by Filippos Vogdanis and Konstantinos Tsagkaris, assisted by Ilektra Avgouli, this cover story strives for Balkan maximal kitsch and quirky fun aesthetics. These were brought to life by the skillful Yiannis Andreou on the styling, with makeup by Vivian Katsari and hair styling by Alexandros Metaxoulis.

LOAD celebrates its second year in the cosmos. LOAD, THE STANDARD is a special print edition that comes to redefine, reclaim and reimagine. We pay homage to the values of boldness, edge and inclusivity we set out to uphold from the project’s inception. We bare our creativity to defy the industry standards but yet create our own. We strive to be different. We set what the LOAD standard is. For what standard you hold yourself to is the key to surpassing them all. This year’s limited edition anniversary issue explores new realms of what beauty and fashion in the LOAD universe is, while also champions some of the favorite stories published in the year that passed. Our new material hints to the new horizons we will explore but is juxtaposed by the beloved already published content, showing all the beautiful destinations we have already visited. The Spring 2024 edition is proud to be filled with an impressive cast of characters and faces, our most diverse to date. Time to strip yourself of all the what ifs, don’ts and maybes. Start loading your mind with possibilities, join the growing LOAD world order. Reach for the standard!

This issue is exclusively available in its limited edition print form. To order your copy message us on instagram or email loadmagcontact@gmail.com