INCOGNITO – Web Editorial

“Incognito” deals with the topic of deception and camouflage. Inspired by the animal kingdom, humans can use strategies of different types for survival, predation or protection. Many animals use a color, that matches their environment to remain undetected, or vibrant colors to alert their opponents. Certain animals also have patterns or colors, that break up their body contours and make them difficult to be perceived. The quotation marks in the title imply a sense of irony, because while the characters’ identities are not recognizable, due to the fact that they are covered from head to toe, they undoubtedly stand out from their environment and thus are everything but camouflaged. 



Radu-Andrei Istriteanu @andreiistriteanu


Chiara Toki @chiaratoki


Melissa Hemberger @melesdi

Susanna Zohner-Nassi @zusn

Ana Palosevic @ana.palosevic  


Radu-Andrei Istriteanu @andreiistriteanu

Photography Assistance: 

Lina-Marie Baatz @linaamre

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