‘Don’t Be So Childish’ – Web Editorial

A huge bag of fortune cookies has polluted our story with silly messages. I wonder who went through this bag? Most probably a pink headed girl with childish behaviour!

Trousers by Maggina Official, Wings and Shoes by Rats Vintage Clothing, Gloves by Maison Faliakos

Jean Jacket & Shoes by Thrifting Honey Bees, Skirt by City Pearlz Vintage

Jacket & Shoes by Rats Vintage Clothing, Lace Skirt by Iliana Camba

Jean Trousers and Jacket by Liana Camba, Headpiece and Shoes by Rats Vintage Clothing

Vintage Moschino T-Shirt by Rats Vintage Clothing, Skirt by Thrifting Honey Bees

Leather Jacket by Maggina Official, Lace Dress by Liana Camba, Shoes by Thrifting Honey Bees

Set by Maggina Official, Shoes by Rats Vintage Clothing


Photography @petrosdellatolas

Assistant @glitterrpuke

Make up artist @aggelikitrikogia

Hairstylist @idomeneas_hair

Assistant @ioanna_kountouri

Model / Agency @meellymayden

Styling & Art direction @vinyl_face
Studio @creativestudioglyfada

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