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Swimsuit to Power Suit – Editorial

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The editorial features Ilda Kroni, lensed by Rafail Souliotis

There are many types of swimwear with the most popular ones being bikinis and swimsuits. What is astonishing is the huge variety that exists in these types of garments. People use fashion to express themselves and that is transmitted to their swimwear through many different styles. Swimwear is not a commodity – it is a major part of everyone’s beach wardrobe and  we end up owning more and more pairs every year when the seasonal trends change. However, do we take a moment to consider the potential these garments have besides wearing them to the beach?

Swimsuit to Power Suit - Ilda Kroni Swimwear Editorial LOAD Magazine
Bikini MVM Swimwear

The new Role of Swimsuits

The attention that has been put into swimwear in recent years has led swimsuits and bikinis to enter our everyday wardrobe; more than understandable taking into consideration the annual demand around this time of the year. We have also seen lingerie used as clothing for some time now, with bralettes implemented to accompany suits and bodysuits in jeans, all while empowering femininity;  different  body types and challenging the “rules”. Swimwear rises to the place of lingerie and is taking the “non-clothing, clothing” one step ahead. While lingerie is connected with vulnerability, and softness, swimwear is the edgy, powerful alternative. 

Swimsuit to Power Suit - Ilda Kroni Swimwear Editorial LOAD Magazine
Total Look from nika officiel,
Earrings Granny’s Trip, Neon Raum

Swimsuits can be a statement, they can be bold, colorful, textured, have cut-outs and intriguing shapes. Wearing a swimsuit together with normal clothing is not necessarily used to complement them, rather it pieces together a statement . Picking a swimsuit that makes you feel good and powerful is vital in the process of creating looks similar to the editorial’s – ones that can be worn in social occasions for a confidence boost beyond the sea. Swimwear makes the look stand out, it  has the power  to add character to it. The materials have the flexibility to stretch, cut, be opac and see through, in all colors and textures. There are no limits to the style and cut, there is something for everyone to get and adjust to their style, to make them feel powerful. 

The Shift

The shift of the swimsuit to the  power suit is underlined in the trends of this season’s swimwear. Metallic fabrics that sparkle and shine are the focal point of the collections. Intriguing prints are presented together with embroidery, ribbed fabric, and many other shapes. All these textures and styles make it easier to wear the swimwear as clothing. One could imagine wearing a floral bikini to the beach and a metallic, bold one piece to a night out. The aforementioned trends highlight that swimwear has adopted the textures and styles of normal every-day clothing meaning that it is easier to be incorporated as a piece of clothing to go out in. 

Swimsuit to Power Suit - Ilda Kroni Swimwear Editorial LOAD Magazine
Bikini MVM Swimwear,September Athens,
Gloves nika officiel,
Shoes Pedro Garcia, This Is Play,
Earrings Granny’s Trip, Neon Raum

The Editorial

What can be seen from the pictures of this editorial is the transformative power of the swimsuit; whether  the feeling is romantic with light colors and patterns that accompany us to the sea or a saturated fluorescent purple one-piece to accurately fit the energy of power, optimism, and self-confidence. Even more important than the many different moods and styles that the swimsuit can adapt to, is the fact that each of us can have more than one of these power suits. Each of us can have a romantic bikini and a bright one piece. In addition, anyone can use and incorporate a bikini top to their wardrobe whether it is crochet, ribbed, monochrome or patterned. At the same time, on a different occasion and mood, we can have a swimsuit with extreme cut-outs and bold, transformative colors. What is highly depicted from the selection of visuals of the editorial is that, in our swimsuits, we adapt to all these different representations of ourselves. 

In a way, people seem to enjoy themselves in their swimsuits, as they generally signify the holidays, the beach, and overall happy times. Therefore, including these pieces to everyday clothing brings them closer to this carefree reality. Due to all their features, both practically and figuratively, the ability to transform our outfit and style, can make our swimwear a key feature of our wardrobe.

Written by Eirini Pytianou

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Photography by Rafail Souliotis @raf_souliotis
Art Direction by Filippos Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis,
Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris
Styling by Philippe Missas @philippe_g_missas
Make up by Eva Tsoka @evatsoka
Hair by Maria Chatzitheodorou @mariachatzitheodorou
Mode Ilda Kroni @ildakroni
Article by Eirini Pytianou @eirini_pit

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