EMERSION Cover Story - Fantasy Fashion Editorial

EMERSION Cover Story – Fashion Editorial

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LOAD is emerging in its wet summer form. Welcoming the season of salty hair, deep dives and summer flings, we put our scuba sets on to investigate the EMERSION of self expression, sensuality and talent. With the Atlantis fantasy as our guiding light, this issue’s cover story stars the well-known Greek model Iasonas Laios and the sensational Cypriot trailblazer model Marita Kath; lensed by  Joey Leo and styled by Yiorgos Mesimeris. In an underwater-type setting we explore the bold sensuality that can be brought to life by fashion pieces that champion all bodies and the fantastical aesthetic.

Th EMERSION of Fantasy

In an underrated, yet quietly appreciated manner, fantasy/character looks offer the opportunity to express the inner image we have of ourselves. Taking the form we wish to portray, we exude confidence and live as this fictional character. Daring to wear something which pushes the limits, but stays wearable, is mesmerising – to become, live, and beam this energy. Designers like Thierry Mugler, with the feather and butterfly dresses, Alexander McQueen, with looks from the Joan show, and Rick Owens, like the AW19 runway looks, often play on the idea of building on fantasy. Proving that fantasy and fashion are intertwined, these designers have given incredible moments, in staying true to their  aesthetic, relating that to individuals’ of similar tastes. 

Total Look by Spiros Eleftheriou

In this cover story, the understated touches of wet fantasy in the form fitting and cutout clothing, accentuating the sensuality and sense of confidence. From the sheer fabrics, to the frailed neon hems and silver warrior-like accessories, it  proves that expression lies in the spirit. Upcoming brand Milkwhite and emerging Greek designer Spiros Eleftheriou encapsulate this twist to summer aesthetics and expression, which are often commercially overlooked.

Decorating the body with pieces that make a person feel empowered, allows their aura to be unleashed. Garments fitting like a glove, give space for the silhouette to come to life. The intricate elements such as colours, fabric choices and structure, spotlight this characterisation through one’s clothes. All body shapes should be championed and all characters  expressed. A tight fit is actually empowering, despite its consideration as risky by some.

Total Looks by Spiros Eleftheriou

Expression of Sensuality and Fashion

To defy superficial judgments through self-acceptance in a variety of  silhouettes ,is a beautiful thing to witness. No matter how much skin is on show, there is a beauty in accepting yourself and working with your body as a canvas. Accessories are used as the final splashes of paint in this editorial, finalising the essence of our underwater characters. The playful element of the tease and role they provide signal the very essence of sensuality – how much does one want to give away?

Dress by Milkwhite,
Jewellery from Personal Archive,
Trousers by Spiros Eleftheriou

As fantasy differs from person to person, so does the expression of sensuality. Summer calls for lighter clothing, more skin and often a sense of renewed flirtiness, hence sensuality could not be absent in this conversation. It does take various forms but the baseline is, sensuality is empowering. Confidence  allows us to project our sensual elements. In a way sensuality is the ability to embrace and reflect one’s inner fantasy. A medium through which, to match your external identity with your own aspiration of yourself. 

Considering clothing as an expression, it is interesting to ponder on the role we assume in our summer garment selections, as that might be oneself’s mirror. The force that derives from owning that reflection is true sensuality – this emersion of our deepest desires and passions. The beauty projected through the confidence of living our fantasy.

So, diving deep into the ocean of your sensuality, who do you see? What is your fantasy form?

Written by Konstantinos Tsagkaris

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In Frame Iasonas Laios @iasonas_laios , Marita Kath @maritakath
Photography by Joey Leo @_joeyleo_
Creative Direction by Konstantinos Tsagkaris @kontsantinos.tsagkaris, Filippos Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis
Styling by Yiorgos Mesimeris @yiorgos.mesimeris
Make-up by Marianna Varlamou @mariannayork
Hair Styling by Bratis @bratis.k
Studio APM Studio21 @apmstudio_21
Writer Konstantinos Tsagkaris @kontstantinos.tsagkaris

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