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This editorial was shot entirely on film by Nikos Karpouzis

We all come from Genesis. This term acquires different meanings based on the person’s life course, but in general, Genesis is “the time when something came into existence; the beginning or origin”. Through Genesis, we initiate our ‘becoming’, experiencing its entirety. Up to this point, every component is equal and shared between all of us, and that is, perhaps, our final shared instant. For each person, Genesis is upheaval and that implies “a violent or sudden change or disruption to something”, noting a rather radical shift. 

Blonde female model wears nude coloured blazer and brown fringe skirt, high nude sock and nude shoes while the sunlight strikes her from the right side.
Top & Jacket by Anamnesi Skirt is paersonal archive Shoes by Bershka Earrings Petite Utile

In a way, Genesis brings us to the point of difference. Every second passing, interaction, decision, life story, or problem shapes us into a unique being. Every new discovery for ourselves is Genesis, a breakthrough that further defines who we are. Nature and nurture work their magic to make each of us distinguishable, cherishing these differences in characteristics with pride. Everyone goes through this process of shaping themselves, similar to adding details to their uniform. 

Top by ChrisP, Pants by Somf, Glasses & Shoes are personal archive

As pictured by the selection of this editorial, everyone can be as unified wearing an all-beige outfit, still their characteristics and singularities elevate them as individuals. The concept and context remain the same for everybody in the room, the color palette is serene and nude, paying homage to the Genesis that brings everyone naked into the world ready to evolve into themselves. However, the need of resemblance is another aspect of this; homogeneity in appearance equates to the comfort of belonging in a group. So, we relate to the concept of the nude palette as common ground, but on the other hand strive to differentiate our characteristics with the shapes we have adapted over the years. We carry these shapes to our social groups, situations, and environment because they define ourselves, adapting them to various contexts.

Everyday we get to express our shapes in different ways, but one of the most established and intriguing ways to do so is fashion. Researchers say that “clothing is an ‘identification’ tool that functions in determining the symbolic boundaries between people in a sense. Fashion and clothing are a field where clothes are used to create and reveal a cultural and social identity. The identity phenomenon of the person is embodied in body by clothing and fashion”. Fashion itself has faced many upheavals, changing dramatically, but remaining the same in its core values. Fashion is a medium of expression, and we use it to convey our uniqueness depending on our preferences and stylistic influences. 

Dress by ChrisP, Shoes by Zara

From grunge to minimalism, to disco and androgynous, we always find a way to simultaneously belong while also differ, and the rising interest towards nude and see-through garments indicate this. Designers such as Balmain, Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, and Versace have made garments where their focus is to showcase the naked body with cut-outs, lace, netting and tulle, adding broad shoulders, embroideries, and embellishments to highlight the character. ‘Nude fashion’ aims to present the body as a vessel that embodies our similarities and cherishes the fact that all external modifications of it denote the person’s character. It is all about body empowerment and soft colored garments, placed tightly on the body to augment its features. At the same time, enhancements such as broad shoulders, hips and volume are added, as compliments. 

Through fashion we get to express our similarities and distinctions; we belong yet stand apart depending on our everyday fashion choices. In shaping our style alongside our character, their interconnection becomes evident and inseparable.

Written by Eirini Pytianou

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Photography by Nikos Karpouzis @nkarpouzis
Photography Assistant Jo Fragogianni @jo_tragano
Art Direction by Filippos Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis
Styling by Philippe Missas @philippe_g_missas
Beauty by Marianna Varlamou @mariannayork
Models Magda Gioka @magda_gioka, Elektra Avgouli @godblessdrama, Theodore Nastos @theodorenas
Production Assistant Argiris Tzaferis @arg_t1

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