STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s – Fashion Editorial

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Editorial lensed by Joseph Alexiadis & Styled by Yiorgos Mesimeris

We live in an era when social media and fast fashion dominate one’s sense of personal style, leaving no room for inspiration to thrive. When everything is trending, can something really stand the test of time and be declared immortal? As fashion campaigns can be creative sanctuaries, glancing through a fashion editorial can intrigue and trigger innovative ideas.  Not all campaigns have the same stimulating effect, but some can leave an unfading sensation on people’s minds. The key to achieving this is simple: a stance, an attitude, a pose; how the positioning of the body and face become ageless pieces of art, distinguishing a standard fashion campaign from a mind-blowing inspiration for generations to come. This editorial embarks on a journey to identify what makes a pose timeless, paying homage to iconic fashion moments.

STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial

Statement posing from 90s’ fashion campaigns and their durability

The 1990s defined the fashion industry, bringing a sense of fresh air and a contemporary aesthetic that became the blueprint for ad campaigns. Versace was easily one of the most iconic designers at that time. The brand embodied a side of femininity that resembled the seductive but powerful energy of the decade through its statement poses. This fashion editorial embodies the sexiness and boldness of the 90s, bringing to life one of the most epochal Versace Jeans Couture campaigns. The key to statement poses, as portrayed in these highly-regarded classical campaigns is simple: intoxicating eyes, strong bodies, and an abundance of grace and femininity. In essence, it is a celebration of women depicted in a delicate, yet masculine way, highlighting the duality of gender. This complexity portrayed in front of the lens is asexual quirkiness and boldness – a serenading allure. But what truly makes this stand the test of time and not lose its universal impact, is people’s desire to be bold, sexy, and strong. Statement poses’ durability comes from the recognition everyone feels when looking at this declaration of the inner self, wishing they could express it in this exact attitude.

STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial
STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial
STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial

Simplicity and nostalgia in retro campaigns’ poses

While brands such as Versace favoured robust statement poses, other brands left their mark in different ways. Houses such as Lanvin created a subtle yet impactful moment in a retro-inspired Denim campaign for FW19 – an ode to classic jeans’ ads of the past. What makes this campaign special is the sense of nostalgia it creates, a feeling that one can relate to, regardless of age and background. The young model facing the camera represents this wistful feeling. It is so raw, it becomes personal to the observer developing into an exemplary fashion piece. The retro feeling of the campaign acts as a reminder of simpler times and youthful feelings of exhilaration. This simple pose, shot by Frabçois Quillacq, reminds us how beautiful we can be in our purest form – the observer can’t take their eyes off. The single thought on their mind; this can be me. Simple is relatable; empowering; eternal. Paying tribute to the magnificent legacy of effortless posing, this editorial presents several denim moments, in bold snapshots depicting this relatability as key to unlocking people’s psyche.

90s supermodels and their influence on the fashion industry’s standout moments

Still, what deems a fashion editorial noticeable, can be something beyond the boldness or simplicity of the poses. The 90s had something unique to offer – supermodels. Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Turlington, Yasmeen Ghauri and more, are the protagonists of campaigns that changed the fashion world. These supermodels were not hired to pose and sell a product, they were the main characters. Each one had their own personality that the audience knew, admired and loved. They were not just models, they were iconic presences, some sensual and others possessing an ethereal aura, each so distinct and original. Their posing was storytelling of their bold lifestyle and sexy character. They were not just a model on a campaign, they were fashion symbols. These muses, from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss, were superstars that people admired, trusted, and felt familiar with. Hence, we can declare that another factor making a pose timeless is the model. The 90s supermodels possessed a power far greater than any model has achieved. Their legendary poses and iconic moments have been forever captured, maintaining their eloquence. 

STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial
STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial
STATEMENT: Posing and the Legacy of the 90s - Fashion Editorial

This fashion editorial explores what makes a pose legendary by paying homage to classic moments in fashion. Bold stances and facial expressions that celebrate feminine power, keeping sensuality at the forefront, have now been declared supreme immemorial. While simple poses seem easy to execute, skillfulness is required to emanate the nostalgic feeling they possess. The retro vibe of the Lanvin denim campaign beamed with relatability, declaring it impossible to forget the sensation it created. The same effect was a characteristic of the 90s supermodels that conquered fashion campaigns. So, what truly makes a pose immortal; is it the statement stance of the model, the simple nostalgic effect it creates, or a more personal need of the reader to connect with the bolder side of themselves wishing they were seductive muses?  

The camera’s clicking – strike a pose.

Written by Errika Moniou

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Photographer Joseph Alexiades @josephalexiades

Styling Yiorgos Mesimeris @yiorgos.mesimeris

Makeup Elena Stavropoulou @stavropoulou.elena

Art Direction Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris

Assistant Art Director Philip Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis

Models Christos Alexiades @christos_alexiades, Nike Guiraud @nile_guiraud, Sonya Soveta @sovetasonya

Studio Red Light Studio @redlightstudiogr

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