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ETERNAL Cover Story – Fashion Editorial

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To stay eternal, evolve and become a legend. People, things and habits fade within space and time. Constancy is a difficult task to achieve in a moving chorochronical environment. The Eternal Issue emerges in the process of exploring the points in time which have stayed, and continue to stay, relevant throughout the ages. Take a ride on the sands of time of the ETERNITY tour. In a master of the times role, this issue’s cover girl Spyroula Kaizer, lensed by George Velissarios and styled by Niki Pagiataki, conquers the multiverse of time. In an imaginary, endless space, where bold fashion captures the eye in its futuristic yet fantastical character and takes centre stage.

LOAD Magzine ETERNAL ISSUE Cover Autumn 2022

The Eternal Theme

Like the hourglass sands, time flows continuously through space. In the many attempts of humans to express, capture, and visualise the concept of time, we have invented trinkets like clocks, watches, the hourglass and even the sun as a reference point. In this cover story we imagine Kaizer in a space and time continuum as the princess of past, present and future reigning in her endless kingdom of chronicle sands. Her reign transfers to many parallel universes where she holds control over the millennia and how we travel through time. This way she remains constant and evolves in this eternal journey.

ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine
Dress & Gloves by Angelika Darkling

Fashions that distort the Continuum

In a borderline pictorial manner the concept of time and space is visually portrayed, where the over-the-top fit brings our editorial to life. The futuristic pieces from the H&M Studio FW 22 Collection and the avant-garde designs of Greek designers Eleni Kavvada (240791ek) , Paris Laliotis and Sotris shine through our eternal universe. Visually striking, forward thinking and avant-garde pieces are the basis of cracking time continuum’s equation of relevance. When thought is provoked, our consciousness is marked. We carry this mark with us and use it as a reference point for our future visual encounters. This constancy in thought gives an element of durability in our mind –   the birth of legacy.

Dress by Paris Laliotis
ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine
Dress by Eleni Kavvada 240791ek

Every design and outfit is a chronicled gamble. You never know how it will translate through the ages or what impact it will have on people. From the simplest looking designs, like Chanel’s little black dress or the white dress Marilyn Monroe wore by Travilla in 1955, to the more extraordinary fits, like the 1996 Alexander McQueen ‘The Doll’ show looks, all aesthetics can turn into timeless moments. The key to unlock the hall of immortality lies in the ability to connect with people. Whether that be innovation, relatability or pure admiration, these designs link to individuals beyond their initial time span. At the end of the day, the best way to be eternal, is to stay true to yourself.

ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine
Bodysuit by Sotris

What’s the key to immortality?

Originality is the one thing that surpasses durability. Authenticity in design and in the way someone dresses is a pillar that creates a blueprint for generations to come. A great example of iconic style is the eclectic Iris Apfel who stayed authentic to her striking colour choices and quirky dressing attitude. She marked the fashion scene and has even inspired mainstream brands like H&M Studio to create collections in her honour. Trusting your authenticity gives confidence in exploring your stylistic expression further to the point when you become timeless. Why? you may ask… Well, it’s because once you rid yourself of temporary “trendy” influences, only then, you can maintain something that is yours. Something that remains constant i and is not dependent on external wavering variables. Once stable in the shifting sands of time, you become a pillar in the continuum.

Total Look by H&M Studio AW 22
ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine

However, eternal does not equal mainstream. While commercial success is often a positive and potentially profitable indicator, you cannot judge a design’s or person’s legendary status based on their ability to appeal to the masses. Things or people can be appreciated and mean different things to different groups of individuals. One less mainstream thing could be more deeply rooted and appreciated to a specific culture/community than a popular one to the general public. For example, the impact Crystal Labeija had on the LGBTQI+ and Ballroom communities, by being a House Mother and appearing on the documentary ‘Paris is Burning’ (1990), has consolidated her spot in the icons list for these groups, despite never being a commercial or mainstream figure. Time and again celebrities and artists with high commercial success and appeal in the masses, have faded, been forgotten or haven’t left a mark on their community or industry.

ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine

In conclusion

There are no guarantees when it comes to time; it is an uncontrollable and tricky notion. The creation of legends or fading in eternal nothingness is a matter of mere chance. The only things that can withstand the tides of its complex works are, focus on the self, sparking thought and one’s ability to create. For if ones’ work, attitude or creation make an impact they will live forever. For eternity is only conquered by the specks of memory.

Written by Konstantinos Tsagkaris

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ETERNAL Cover Story - Fashion Editorial - LOAD Magazine
Coat by Eleni Kavvada 240791ek


Photographer George Velissarios @velissarios.george

Styling Niki Pagiataki @nikipagiataki

In frame Spyroula Kaizer @kaizerspy

Makeup Errika Moniou @emoniou

Hair Styling Alex Metaxoulis @alexmethair

Art Direction Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris

Assistant Art Director Philip Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis

Studio Lunar @lunar.ath

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