Nathy Peluso: An Exploration of Musical Identity

Nathy Peluso: An Exploration of Musical Identity

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Nathy Peluso is an Argentine artist, raised in Spain. At the age of 27, she has been loved by all of us for her fusion rhythms, her almost supernatural talent for doing hip hop, Latin, dancing and being aggressively theatrical.

Nathy Peluso by JP Bonino

Musical Influences

Born near Buenos Aires, which she adores, she immigrated with her family to Alicante, Spain, and as a teenager sang classic blues pieces in hotels, which defined her music from an early age. We listen to her and have learned her power since 2017. A feminist, with immense artistic power in her speech, she has come to stay and bring a new sound – bold and smart to every note.

Peluzo is timeless in her authenticity and at the same time a child of her generation. She has no fear of tarnishing the image of fatal Latin and crumpling femininity, making it even more intense and powerful. With masculine elements that she mocks and embraces, she laughs with all those who take themselves seriously and gets seriously ‘angry’; she is an extremely good artist. She raps with audacity and confidence in a western world that, as much as it may seem, is not at all ready for girls who know very well what they are doing. This is Latin American in Europe.

Nathy Peluso Music

She describes her childhood as happy and full of art, good food and positive memories. She did ballet and jazz, listened to classical and Latin music, which she strives to make accessible to everyone. Salsa to her, is powerful; in her own words – ‘[not] only do 70-year-old Latin men listen to it [laugh] — salsa is cool, salsa is dangerous.’ She refreshes the genre, mixing it with hip hop and other musical undertones, and fleshing it out with a robust lyrical body that supports the complexity of its meaning. 

Nathy Peluso by Ana Sting

Her music is the most important thing in her life and her greatest need. The artist in this case coincides with her personality as she is as honest and confident as a woman and a musician. She is complete in a way that is extremely rare as she perceives music in a truly multifaceted way; listening to it, making it reality, dancing it and performing it uniquely.

Social Presence

Her presence on social media is very interesting as she uses it to promote her work, without betraying her ideas. Her aesthetics online follow the ones of her music. She isn’t afraid of standing out and possibly provoking and annoying those who expected her to have the image of a Latin pop star that the audience is accustomed to. She has a lovable and important audacity, motivating all girls to be whoever they want and not what others expect of them. She has a strength that all females should have and a momentum to support her art which is an inspiration in itself.


The evolution of her career and persona, in their incorporation of culturally and socio-politically significant elements, deconstruct stereotypes and elevate Latin and feminist-driven music to truly appreciate what it brings to the table. In the variety of daily and personal themes that Peluso explores through her music, we get a glimpse of how fundamental creativity is for her and we can’t wait to witness her growth as an artist.

Written by Nefeli Papanastasopoulou

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Nathy Peluso
Nathy Peluso by JP Bonino

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