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Redemption – Fashion Web Editorial

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The inspiration behind the concept and the photographer’s goal were to capture, through the lens, an otherworldly, lost soul emerging from an imaginative realm, unaware of its purpose in our harsh reality. Trapped in a foreign body, one they cannot control and a body that is not fit for this reality. We can watch the entire journey of this soul frame by frame: amidst chaos, instability, and the fear of the unknown. Along the way, the model starts showing us their true colors, struggling to find their true identity. The snakes symbolize an external body dominated by passion, love, and redemption.

Diving into vibrant self expression, our photoshoot takes cues from the slithering grace of snakes, Mugler’s Avant Garde FW ’97-98 and McQueen’s iconic asylum themed ss01 show, VOSS. Embodying the spirit of Joan of Arc, our model blurs the lines between antiheroes and villains, creating a visual narrative that transcends conventions.

Symbolism takes center stage as we celebrate the queer journey through a prism of bold fashion choices that have a dark twist inside but at the same time a feminine touch with many statement pieces.

The model is wearing, for the first outfit, a total black look with a veil in front of them to symbolize the pain, the grief and the disconnection that they feel. In the second outfit, the model wears a more feminine, bondage-dark look to symbolize the acceptance and the power that they hold against their inner thoughts that destroyed them. Finally, we see the model naked, covered only with snakes, experiencing ultimate liberation, fully embracing and exuding confidence in their honest, empowered form.

The color red is gradually emphasized through the makeup, as an element that just like the misconceptions about serpents, it is associated with danger, anger, immorality and sin, but for us it symbolizes the revolution of giving up society’s norms to come to terms with your true self.

Snakes are often misunderstood animals, considered hostile mainly due to ignorance. Despite their misunderstood nature, they are creatures with unique beauty that can make ideal pets for some people. They are also animals that are often mistreated and sacrificed in the name of profit, in the beauty industry or the exotic animal trade.

The snakes that participated in the photoshoot were adopted after they were rescued by a team of people that protect the wildlife in Greece and provide them with a safe home. Each one of the snakes has its own unique story and its own unique journey.

Lucy lived in miserable conditions with minimal space to move and minimal food. Nala was born with a wild type coloration and that deemed her worthless in the pet trade. Frank and Bloody were purchased as babies with the sole purpose of growing up to be used for reproduction. These animals are now members of a growing family, prioritizing their quality of life. In this family, there are many other animals as well, with similar or even harsher stories.

The main goal of this project is to highlight the uniqueness and beauty that may be hidden all around us. Our society is evolving, and labels are no longer needed.


Creative Direction: Natalia Drakopoulou, Christos Pantelidis, Philippa Kavvadatou

Photographer: Natalia Drakopoulou (@nataliadrakopoulou)

Stylist: Christos Pantelidis (@chris.pantelidis)

Makeup Artist: Philippa Kavvadatou (@themakeupinferno)

Model: Spyros Valvis (@spyrrowblue)

Special thanks to the caretakers of the animals: Giannis Vasilakis (@giannis.vas), Iasonas Tampakopoulos (@tambajason)

Studio: Momentum Photography Studio (@momentumart_)

Styling Credits:

All pieces except from the necklace by @sanctoleono were chosen from model’s personal archive.

Custom made brooch ‘7 sorrows of Mary’ by @paulsarzjewellery

Custom press on nails by @mariavinails

Accessories and shoes were purchased from Sex blue box Thessaloniki, Mega sex shop Athens, Aroma sex shop Athens

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