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LOAD welcomes you to a deep sea exploration in the ocean of origins. Be prepared to meet new aquatic forms and reach the core of creation in the depths of our Summer 2023 Issue. LOAD is honoured to have as our aqua rave nymph cover star the sensational pop icon Tamta, shortly after the release of her newest album Identity Crisis. Tamta’s artistic departure from mainstream sounds and experimentation with darker electro-pop tones masters an intrigue that we here at LOAD can’t get enough of. In our cover story we explore the origins of Tamta’s creativity and follow a muse-like narrative of her in the oceans of artistic exploration and renewed creative vision. To learn more about the album, Tamta as an artist and her fashions, the star gave an interview exclusively accompanying this editorial.

TAMTA  for Load Magazine THE ORIGINS ISSUE Cover

Custom Dress by Natar Georgiou, Necklace by 886 Lab

The story was lensed by Maria Koutroumpi, 3D post production effects by Erifylli Doukeli, hair styling by Alex Metaxoulis, beauty by Jasmine Alchader and styling by Yiannis Andreou. Art direction by Konstantinos Tsagkaris & Filippos Vogdanis, assisted by Electra Avgouli.

The Concept

Tamta takes the form of an aqua nymph in this fantasy LOAD story. Much like the different environments, the artist assumes various nymph forms which represent a plethora of ecosystems. Meeting the different versions of art, fashion and creativity only then can one find their true origin. In a juxtaposition with the nature of the ORIGINS theme, the use of 3D elements stimulates the debate to the severing or potential disconnect to nature and human origin technology brings. This conversation enhances this story’s imagery to a visual feast in a cosmos with a layer of self-questioning.


The Fashion

Aquatic forms, bizarre silhouettes and intense makeup blend to bring the nymph forms to life underwater. The nymph fantasy fashion is inspired by oceanic elements combined with Tamta’s bold and edgy aesthetic. The cover look, including a custom dress by Natar Georgiou, features a cutout yet soft gown contrasted by spikey jewellery, by 886, encapsulating the softness in colour but hardness in texture of corals. The blue look draws on the idea of the invertebrate nature with its unique trousers, by Angelica Danaka, and silicon bikini top, by Soraya Oronti. An ascendance to shallow sandy waters brings our nymph to a lighter sensation with the earthy and white tones of the Unsung Weavers dress and Rofos Knit trousers. The look is topped off with a jellyfish inspired hair and a summer staple, shell belt, by Boho Vintage. Diving back in the depths of the Mariana Trench we come across the star in her dark forms. A revolutionary silhouette encapsulates the essence of deep sea gigantism with skin like tentacles, custom by Angelica Danaka, while in the darkness of an underwater cave we find the hidden sea urchin inspired nymph look, by Milkwhite.


Bikini Top by Soraya Oronti, Trousers by Angelica Danaka, Ring by 886 lab

The revolutionization of shapes and silhouettes together with the assumption of fantasy scenaria can quickly make fashion rise to the surface of our truest origins we hide within. Experimentation is key. Dare to reach your origin, meet your nymphs.

Tamta’s Interview

  • How was the process in connecting with your origins of creativity preparing your new album Identity Crisis?

Connecting with the roots of my creativity during the process of preparing my new album, Identity Crisis, was a truly transformative experience. It involved deep introspection, exploring the depths of my artistic expression, and rediscovering the essence of what drives me as a musician. By tapping into my origins, I was able to infuse a genuine sense of passion and authenticity into every aspect of the album.

Nails by Maria Vi Nails

  • What does Identity Crisis mean to you and what was your vision behind it?

Identity Crisis holds immense significance in my musical journey. Through this album, I aimed to find the core essence of who I am as an artist and break free from external limitations and expectations. The album delves into the complexities of identity and the various dimensions that shape us as individuals. Through my music, I aim to inspire listeners to embrace their own unique journeys and find strength in their own identities.

  • How do you feel about the stark sonic shift your new album brings to your audience and the Greek music scene?

The stark sonic shift that my new album brings to my audience and the Greek music scene fills me with excitement and anticipation. As an artist, growth and evolution are vital, and I believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. Together with my friend and the album’s producer, Teo Pouzbouris, we have delved into and blended diverse genres of music, drawing inspiration from their variety and versatility. I hope this bold musical direction will captivate my fans and provide them with a refreshing and exhilarating experience.

Dress by Unsung Weavers, Trousers by Rofos Knit, Belt and Shoes by Boho Vintage

  • Which artists, songs or scenes have inspired your new project?

My new project has been influenced by a diverse range of artists, songs, and scenes. I draw inspiration from both established icons and emerging talents who have carved their own distinct paths in the music industry. Additionally, I find inspiration in the rich tapestry of musical genres, allowing us to incorporate different elements and create a unique sonic landscape.

  • Do you have any dream collaborations that you would like to see on any of the songs on Identity Crisis ?

Dream collaborations are always an exciting prospect. There are so many talented artists whom I admire and would love to work with in general. I envision collaborations that blend our individual styles and create a powerful synergy that resonates with both our artistic visions and esthetics.


Necklace by 886 Lab

  • As an artist, how do you find having to keep reinventing yourself and your craft?

As an artist, the process of reinventing myself and my craft is both exciting and necessary. It allows me to grow creatively, explore new artistic territories in a constantly evolving industry. Embracing change and continually pushing the boundaries of my artistry is an integral part of my journey.

  • In your album the song ‘Shen Da Me’ is in Georgian, in honour of our Origins Issue theme could you describe your connection to your Georgian roots and if/how they impact your art?

The song ‘Shen Da Me’ in my album, sung in Georgian, holds a special place in my heart. It allows me to pay homage to my Georgian heritage and connect with my roots. My Georgian background deeply influences my art, infusing it with cultural richness and a sense of pride. It serves as a reminder of the importance of staying connected to one’s origins and embracing one’s heritage. “Shen Da Me” (You and Me) is the first song I wrote, and it is about my daughter and our relationship. I’m really proud of it, but most importantly, I’m proud of my daughter.”


Total look by Milkwhite, Shoes, Stocking & Bra from personal archive

  • Your fashion forward aesthetic has left many wondering where your pieces are from. Could you state some of your favourite designers and how you find such special pieces?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy experimenting with different styles and aesthetics. I draw inspiration from various designers who bring innovation and creativity to the fashion world. I love discovering unique and special pieces that help me create a distinct visual identity that suits my personality, mood, or the era I’m going through at that time. It also complements my music.

  • Is fashion important for your personal and artistic expression?

Fashion has always been a powerful tool for personal and artistic expression, especially for pop artists. It allows me to visually communicate my emotions, enhance my performances, and create a captivating stage presence. Fashion helps me tell a story and connect with my audience on a visual level, amplifying the overall experience of my music.

Custom Top and Skirt by Angelica Danaka, Sunglasses by Yeezanna, Shoes by Nespo Athletics

What would you advise our readers and your listeners that are trying to get in touch with their creativity?

To all the readers and listeners who are on their own creative journeys, I encourage you to embrace your unique perspective and trust your instincts. Be open to new experiences, explore different art forms, take risks, and don’t be afraid to express yourself authentically. Find inspiration in the world around you and experiment with different art forms, and trust in your unique creative voice.

Closing the interview this is what Tamta said… 

In closing, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters, friends, and incredible people/artists who have joined and helped me on this remarkable journey. Identity Crisis truly embodies my growth and evolution as an artist and I sincerely hope it strikes a chord with each and every one of you. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being a part of this exhilarating chapter in my musical career. Stay true to yourselves, pursue your passions, and always believe in the transformative power of creativity. Thank you!

I would like to thank Teo Pouzbouris for the production of the album and also the following people for the participation in the album: Ody Icon, Anastasios Tsordas, Dan Kjellberg, Apon, Iamstrong, Vangelis Konstantinidis, Gerasimos Evangelatos, Kyriakos Asteriou, Alkis Livathinos, Wera.

Written by Konstantinos Tsagkaris


In Frame Tamta @officialtamta

Photographer Maria Koutroumpi @mariakoutroumpi

CGI Edit Erifylli Doukeli @eri_dart

Art Direction Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris & Filippos Vogdanis @philip.vogdanis

Styling Yiannis Andreou @vinyl_face

Hair Styling Alex Metaxoulis @alexmethair

Beauty Jasmine Alchader @byjasminealch

Assistant Directo Electra Avgouli @godblessdrama

Pink nails by MariaViNails @mariavinails

Studio: Studio 253 @studio253athens

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