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Rooted in Retrospect – Beauty Editorial

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Beauty’s ever-changing face has been a continually evolving force for centuries. From reflecting the dreams and desires of diverse cultures, to wielding influence on current generations and acting as an artistic form of self-expression for others, beauty always manages to reconnect us to our roots. This editorial encapsulates the essence of beauty through the ages, revelling in the uniqueness it unveils within each individual and celebrating its ability to guide us back to our origins.

Simone for LOAD Magazine Beauty Editorial CGI Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

A Historical Retelling

Shaped by cultural, societal and historical influences, beauty standards have been subject to change as they reflect the values and aspirations of different eras. In the ancient civilisations of Greece and Egypt, beauty was the embodiment of the divine. They believed that true beauty was a symbol of inner peace and a reflection of the individual’s spiritual purity and moral virtue. Greeks celebrated this connection between external and internal beauty through the “Kalos Kagathos” philosophy. “Kalos / καλὸς” refers to one’s physical beauty, giving emphasis to aesthetic qualities such as symmetry which were valued by ancient Greeks as an essential element in the attractiveness of the face and body. The concept delves deeper into one’s inner qualities with the term “Kagathos / κἀγαθός” referring to moral goodness, nobility and virtue. Art, literature and philosophy explored this concept by depicting idealised human forms, portraying them as a harmonious blend of external and internal perfection. Admired in ancient Greek society, the philosophy of Kalos Kagathos urges towards a more holistic understanding of beauty, illustrating that there is more to beauty than just its superficial element as it encompasses both physical and moral excellence.

Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

In the Victorian 19th century, beauty became intrinsically tied to social class, with women encouraged to maintain hourglass figures, delicate features and a pale complexion as a reflection of wealth and health. As the 20th century unfurled, beauty standards rapidly evolved. The advent of social media and the cinema propelled new beauty ideals into the limelight, with icons such as Marilyn Monroe defying societal norms and encouraging the embodiment of new and more inclusive beauty standards. Fast forward to today and beauty has embarked on an exhilarating revolution. In this age, beauty has flourished to a more inclusive and diverse notion, transcending ethnicities, body types and gender expressions. Individuality is celebrated and beauty is treated as a wide spectrum that thrives collectively within us all. 

Simone for LOAD Magazine Beauty Editorial CGI Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

Beauty Redefined:

This editorial perfectly encapsulates this through its digital play on the images curated. The 3D effect implemented throughout, reminds us of the following: although beauty holds the ability to transport us back to our roots, it is also tangible proof of how it simultaneously encourages a disconnect between virtual and reality. On one hand, this play with digital inspires an artistic expression acting as a creative medium for beauty lovers. On the other, it further fortifies our immersion into a digital landscape as a society. Some food for thought: is this immersion a creative novelty or should we be concerned as we slowly but surely begin to deviate from reality.

Simone for LOAD Magazine Beauty Editorial CGI Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

Individuals are venturing beyond traditional materials, seeking innovative ways to express themselves through their beauty looks. Nail art has witnessed a captivating transformation as artists infuse delicate petals and leaves into clear gel to create mesmerising, translucent effects. Floral elements are also finding their way onto the face; petals that were once reserved for ornate headpieces are now adorning cheeks, lips and eyelids to create ethereal looks. Roots and herbs that have been long-celebrated by multiple cultures for their healing properties, are now used as artistic mediums for makeup mavens to express themselves. With nature acting as a muse, the use of alternative materials evokes a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us, while simultaneously empowering individuals to forge new paths of self-expression. Uniqueness is embraced and conventional beauty standards are contested as nature’s enchanting hues and textures are celebrated.

Simone for LOAD Magazine Beauty Editorial CGI Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

Origins Revisited:

This editorial further explores a deeper connection between beauty and nature as it highlights beauty’s ability to transport us back to our origins. We live in a fast-paced world where finding a sense of belonging and reconnecting with our roots is becoming paramount. With its ability to transcend borders, evoke emotions and rekindle our cultural heritage, beauty enables the evolution of our inner being. As we express our identity proudly by celebrating our unique features, embracing traditional looks and incorporating cultural elements into our beauty realm, this reconnection with our origins is fuelled and further strengthened. Delving deeper into culture, traditional beauty rituals and remedies have been passed down through generations on end. Incorporating these practices into our daily lives serves as a link to our ancestry and deeper understanding and appreciation of our cultural identity. These traditions are more than just artefacts but are a living connection to our roots. By actively embracing these and adopting them into our contemporary lifestyle, the continuity of our cultural heritage is preserved, nurturing a sense of belonging and fostering pride in our origins.

Rooted in Retrospect - Beauty Editorial

On that note, it’s interesting to witness how differently beauty is embraced by each one of us in this manner. For some, reconnecting to their roots through beauty may be a medium through which they embark on a journey of self-discovery, of uncovering their ancestry, grounding themselves and finding true meaning in their identity and belonging. For others, beauty may trigger a sense of reconnection to aspects of their identity that aren’t on the forefront of their daily lives and aspects of themselves that may lay frequently dismissed in their subconscious. From expressing heritage and individuality through visual artistry, to finding our true meaning and belonging in this world, beauty becomes a powerful force that ignites a sense of connection. It serves as a conduit to rediscover our identity, celebrating uniqueness and diversity. From vibrant traditions to symbolic storytelling, let us embrace beauty as the means through which we reconnect to our origins.

Written by Stella Georghiou


Photographer Constantinos Terzopoulos @c_terzopoylos

CGI Edit Erifylli Doukeli @eri_dart

Art Direction Konstantinos Tsagkaris @konstantinos.tsagkaris

Model Simone @porschelane2000

Assistant Director Filippos Viogdanis @philip.vogdanis

Studio: Busy Bee Studio

Article Stella Georghiou @SSSSTELLSS

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