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On the 17th of March, a day after LOAD’s launch of its first issue the Big Bang, our team, everyone who contributed to the BIG BANG ISSUE and many more guests, celebrated at Shamone Next Door. The issue’s theme, one of creation, signaled the introduction of a new platform for fashion inclusivity and representation. This was also expressed in everyone’s attitude and dress code as depicted in Alex Petsavas’, member of After Dark Athens, photography from the event.

Filippos Vogdanis and Konstantinos Tsagkaris after their speech at the LOAD LAUNCH Event

The space where the event was hosted, Shamone Next Door, has an inherent powerful aura to it as a safe space, and the magazine’s foundational ideals align with these core values. Amplified by the sense of community shared amongst everyone who attended, to celebrate and uplift one another, we embarked on a new endeavor to enrich Greek fashion standards and expectations. Motives behind everyone’s individual aesthetics were breaking out of the mold and experimenting with garments, gender norms and overall societal beliefs. The founders of the magazine, Konstantinos Tsagkaris and Filippos Vogdanis, symbolised that freedom of expression, proving that any limits in fashion should be challenged.


The event consisted of people from diversified backgrounds and lifestyles who participated in our first issue and made it so special. Some staples at the launch consisted of neon colours and 90s/early 20s inspired looks with vibrant shades and patterns. Androgynous, hyperfeminine or anything in between – blazers and chunky shoes were prominent components of the show.

Nonetheless, Ilda Kroni’s look of a dress/corset combo, ethereal hairdo, and makeup, stole the founders’ and our cover girl’s, Foteini Traka’s , heart, winning a feature in the magazine’s next issue. 

The night

Stickers and postcards with the LOAD logo and BIG BANG cover were generously scattered throughout the venue, serving as souvenirs from a launch that definitely made a Big Bang. That night was emotional for everyone, but especially for us, as we sat back and admired the result of all the love and hard work we put into this issue, come to life. It was beautiful to witness, and proof that our community needed fresh new voices that adequately reflected youth’s perspective on fashion. An intersection of people, with visibility and diversity at the forefront – a reminder that times are changing, and LOAD has become part of that shift towards a progressive future.

Event Moments Gallery
  • Nassia Stouraiti and Konstantinos Tsagkaris at LOAD Launch Event
  • LOAD: THE LAUNCH Event logo poster
  • Agapi Brooks and Maria Koumara at the LOAD LAUNCH Event
  • LOAD LAUNCH Event Foteini Traka and Bratis
  • Moments from the LOAD LAUNCH Event
  • LOAD postcard

We are thankful to everyone who was part of this effort and who showed up to support us and our vision. Looking towards the future, we are grateful and excited to share this journey with you and keep uncovering and bringing you evocative content and storylines.

All photographs of the event can be found here on our Facebook page.

Written By Ioulitta Triantafyllou

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