Madonna Birthday

Madonna: 64 years of fashion

The incredible artist and Queen of Pop, Madonna, is turning 64 today and we are going to discuss her influence and fashion legacy. She has maintained her relevance in pop culture, whether through her music or fashion, for almost five decades and still counting – one of the only female artists that has achieved that.

Madonna on V Magazine

Her all time favorite designer is Jean Paul Gaultier. Madonna was his muse; he also made the famous cone bra corset for her. She wore it for the first time at her Blond Ambition tour and it is still trending with many celebrities wearing it until now.

Jean Paul Gaultier Cone Bra look

A look that inspired a decade

Like a Virgin Look

In 1983 with her debut self-titled album, her trademark look featured heavy, bright eye make-up, big heavy bows, colorful bangles on her hands, big crosses around her neck, colored leggings, dark color lips and messy  hair buns. A year later, we witnessed her first iconic moment at the MTV/VMAs in 1984 – “Like a Virgin” where she dressed like a bride. That night, she wore a lace corset top with a half transparent skirt, lace gloves, white high heels and matching veil, big crosses around her neck and the famous “Boy Toy” belt buckle. A couple of years later, in 1986, Madonna immersed herself in Spanish culture with the song “La isla Bonita”. She wore a maxi red dress with black dots, black high heels with a red rose in the center of the shoe, and in the same color rubber hair band.

Madonna debut album look
La Isla Bonita look

After four years Madonna came back at the MTV awards with the “Vogue performance” – her Marie Antoinette inspired gown and iconic performance remain monumental. Later on, in her “Hung Up” era, Madonna returned to the music scene with her new album Confessions on a Dancefloor in 2005. Her signature look back then consisted of oversized sunglasses, fishnets, leotards, boots along with a coloured leather jacket in every color and curled caramel hair.

Marie Antoinette Gown – Vogue Performance
Frida Kahlo inspired look

Madonna & Marilyn

Madonna took a lot of inspirations from Frida Kahlo and from Marilyn Monroe, these two icons inspired a lot of her looks. For her “Material girl” single and video clip she made a total look from Marilyn’s “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”, with the hot pink strapless dress and white feather boa – one of Marilyn’s most iconic and memorable outfits. Her second Marilyn moment was back in the 1991 Oscars after-party with the king of pop Michael Jackson, where she wore a luxurious silver-white dress, white fur and diamonds around her neck.

Madonna Material Girl
Marilyn Monroe inspired look – “Material Girl”
Marilyn Monroe inspired look – 1991 Oscars after-party

Without a doubt, Madonna’s fashion sense and trend setting have accompanied her  career development from her early steps in the industry . So many trends, clothing choices, make-ups, accessories, haute couture, designers, literally everything for our Queen of pop.

Written by Stelios Tsolakis

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