The Winter 2023 LOAD Issue, THE ONCE UPON A TIME ISSUE, has arrived! Our seventh seasonal issue release is officially on our website. Access the online flip-through issue by clicking here.

Warriors, princesses, trolls and dragons. A world full of imagination and innocent naivety. The tales we grew up with, the ones that shaped our perception of the possible and impossible, the ideals of right and wrong. LOAD welcomes you to our fairytale world, the Winter 2023 ONCE UPON A TIME ISSUE. This is our love letter to the classics that enriched our childhood.

LOAD is pleased to have as the main character of our ONCE UPON A TIME ISSUE tale, the breakout actor Konstantinos Georgopoulos from the hit Greek series ‘Milky Way’. We fully emerge into the fairytale fantasy as we envision a classical painting-like aesthetic. Dragons, nights, princes and many more take life in this LOAD Winter fairytale. The Milky Way star was photographed with post production edits by the amazing Contantinos Lepouris, creatively directed by Filippos Vogdanis and Konstantinos Tsagkaris. Makeup by Lilly Dick and on the epic styling Demi Bouki.

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